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Howdy Fundraiser,

My name is James and I actively participate in fundraising efforts to raise money for cancer research charities.  In fact, I'm in the middle of my 8th season with a program called Team In Training.

TNT trains people to run marathons and in exchange, participants agree to fundraise money for blood cancer research.

In the last 7 years I've raised close to $20,000 for Leukemia research.  I know exactly how difficult it is to get a message  out there to people.  If I want donations, then they need to know about what I'm currently working toward.

More importantly, people need to know where they can donate.

Sharing a Donation Link is Difficult

TNT gives me an official webpage for people to donate money to my campaign.  Most charities and programs do this and it makes perfect sense.  We live in the 21st century and having a donation page should make fundraising easy.

However, there are 2 major problems with donation links:

1. I need something easier to memorize

The first problem is that the link to any official donation page is usually super long.  Thus incredibly annoying to memorize.

Let's say I run into a total stranger who sounds interested in my efforts and wants to donate.


So here's 2 possibilities:

  1. I have a business card with a super crazy long web address that is close to impossible to type out
  2.  I have to say "Well I'll have to email you the Link"

The problem with this is that it makes it very difficult to quickly share my information with someone.  The person who is interested in donating is interested right now and I don't want that person to change his/her mind 20 minutes later.

2. I need something consistent

I'm in my 8th fundraising season!  This means that I've had 8 different websites to send people to over the years.

Imagine all the hard work I put into sending people to website #1.

Then imagine all the hard work I put into sending people to website #2...

...website #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, and now #8.

James EndsCancer 4

Each and every single time I finished a fundraising season I lost the traffic I originally built up.

Which means each and every time I had to start all over again.

EndsCancer.com Is The Solution

Here is my official donation link for my current TNT season:


Please notice that some parts of it aren't even real words.

Now check out my new address:


James.EndsCancer.com redirects traffic to the exact same location: my official fundraising page.

It is still the EXACT same webpage that LLS gave me to use.

But instead of saying "I'll have to email you the link" now I say "James.EndsCancer.com"

Sharing my fundraising link is now just as easy as remembering my own name!

New Season, New Charity, No Problem

James.EndsCancer.com is now the Link I give people when I share my current fundraiser.

But when I change to a new TNT season or when I change to a different charity, that's okay!  Because I can easily make  "James.EndsCancer.com" point to ANY new fundraising page I want.

James EndsCancer 3

This means I will never have to give out a different Link ever again!

james shirt 2I'm even getting my own shirts made, which I'll be able to wear for years because I'll always be using James.EndsCancer.com to send people to my official fundraising page.

You Can Have Your Name Too

Any name can be attached to "EndsCancer.com"

This means you can have your very own address to help YOU with YOUR fundraising.

When your very own address is created it redirects all traffic to your current official donation page.

And when you change to a different season or change to a different charity, you can easily point your personal address to your next donation page.

Example: Joseph

Want to know who Ends Cancer?  My good friend Joseph!

Joseph is currently raising money for LLS and is using Joseph.EndsCancer.com to get people to his official donation page.

Go ahead and click on his (super easy to use) EndsCancer web address and see what happens:

He's in his 7th TNT season, which means when Joseph starts his 8th season with TNT, people he has already contacted will still know how to find his new donation page because he can simply change where "Joseph.EndsCancer.com" points to.

All of the hard work Joseph is putting into sharing his donation page will continue to pay off in the future.

Joseph can make t-shirts, business cards, flyers, posters, and all sorts of materials with his EndsCancer address because he knows it will never change.

In fact, Joseph made business cards in 2014 with "Joseph.EndsCancer.com" on them and they're still valid and effective today in 2017!


Let your hard work pay off for you as well by renting YourName.EndsCancer.com

    • The shorter link will be easier to memorize
    • The shorter link will be easier to share in person to person situations
    • Avoid losing donations by making it easier and faster for people to donate to you (Those procrastinators!)
    • Gain more traffic to your future fundraisers as you continue telling people about the same address.  Soon people will be used to using your easy to remember link!

Get Extra Fundraising Help

Bonus: EndsCancer Fundraising Guide

After 9 seasons of TNT, and helping my mom fundraise, mentor, and coach 10 seasons of her own, I've met quite a lot of people and have have seen quite a lot of different ways to fundraise.

These ideas have been recorded and placed in a member's only area that you can access after signing into EndsCancer.

Act Now Before Someone Else Claims Your Name!

  • There can only be one Bob.EndsCancer.com.
  • There can only be one James.EndsCancer.com
  • There can only be one Amanda.EndsCancer.com

Get it? Reserve your name today before someone else takes it!

Don't be stuck having to think of something clever.

Besides, having an easy Link is super affordable

fast food

Have you ever had a cheeseburger combo meal?

Well if you can sacrifice just 1 fast food meal this month then you can afford to rent your name from EndsCancer.com

Click Here To See Available Names

PS: Want to see my current fundraising page?  I bet by now you have it memorized.  See how that works?!